Boy Med Exams

Boy Med Exam for Will.

Will was the first to go up in front of his cute classmates to get his physical done. He thought they’d go to a private room to have the exam, but his thoughts were dashed as she lead him over to the corner of the room with the medical instruments.

She starts slowly by taking his blood pressure, at first Will thinks, ok this isn’t so bad. Then she started to touch his body, and he looked over at the other cute guys from school to see if they were watching him get his body fondled. It didn’t seem like they were, but he knew they were in his heart. When they were finished with his blood pressure they had him turn around and bend over the chair his uncut cock was swinging in the breeze and he prayed the other guys weren’t checking out his ass.

They slip a thermometer in t check his rectal temperature before spreading his ass cheeks wide to shove in a scope. They seem to find his ass is in perfect working order, and move on. Will is mortified and has a hard time turning around facing the other guys. When he does, she continues with his exam by measuring his uncut cock and then telling him he has to give her a sperm sample in this little bowl. He could hear one of the other boys snickering as he grabbed his cock and jerked it until it exploded its creamy ooze into that sample bowl.


Boy Med Exam for Denny

Denny went first, and since Wes was the only one watching from the couch he wasn’t too nervous, they had seen each other buck naked before in the showers at school. As he sits down the nurses explain what they are going to do and show him some of the instruments that they will be using. They test his reflexes and muscle tone before they tell him they need a urine sample. As he is peeing in the cup, he thinks this wasn’t so bad and turns in his urine. He notices that Wes is checking out his horse sized cock as the nurse tells him to stand up, turn around and bend over.

Denny gets a bit worried at this point, he had no clue they’d be giving him a rectal exam today, and he tries not to clench his ass when they begin to finger his butt and take his rectal temperature. He knows Wes is watching, which puts a grin on his face. He wonders what Wes is thinking. After they look deep inside his ass with the rectal probe, they tell him to turn around and sit back down.

His ass is pretty sore, but he does it anyway. Then they begin to measure his cock again, and hand him a cup so he can give them a sperm sample. Now, there is something he will enjoy doing. He strokes that big horse sized cock and shoots out his load smiling at Wes as he does.

Boy Med Exam for Tyler

It was soon Tyler’s turn to have his physical, and although reluctant he got up like the other lads before him and headed over to the joyless nurses. He knew what was to come and he gave the nurse his arm. He seemed cool as a cucumber as the nurse poked and prodded his naked body. Inside he was shaking and was scared of having his naked body poked and touched by these devilish nurses.

At first this cutie thought he was going to get by without having to have his ass checked. They gave him a beaker so that he could give them a urine sample, and from what he had seen before that usually came after having your ass destroyed by these evil nurses. He was feeling pretty good skipping through his physical like that until he turned in his urine sample and they told him to turn around and bend over.

He knew what was coming and he clenched his ass tight, which made it hurt so much more. He didn’t mind thinking about the other boys looking at his ass. He knew that his ass was fine, and if they wanted to check it out, then they could. When they were done they turned him around to complete his exam, like the others with an inspection of his cock. Just like the others he had to jerk on his joy stick until he left a sticky sampling of his sperm in the cup.

Boy Med Exam for Wes.

After Denny has his exam it’s time for Wes to go up and have the nurse’s check out his fine body. He really enjoyed watching Denny, and he hopes Denny will enjoy seeing his naked body as it gets ran through all these tests. The physical seemed to be the same as his friend Denny’s so he just relaxed and enjoyed having someone touch his body as Denny watched. He grinned and when they started to measure his cock he gave Denny a knowing look.

He gave a urine sample and turned around wiggling his ass a bit teasing Denny and giving the girls a chuckle. They told him to stop wiggling, and when he did they tested his ass probing and using the rectal probe. That stung a bit, but he kept his mind focused on Denny and it didn’t feel as bad as he thought it would. When he turned around again and the nurses began to fondle his dick and write down the measurements he winked at Denny. He knew he’d be jerking his cock off into a cup and he couldn’t wait.

They handed him the cup and he grabbed his cock and began to stroke that beef until he was moaning and jerking his hand. As he exploded his load into the cup, he was hoping that Denny got the idea and that he would go home with him after the exams were over. Denny smiled and Wes knew they would be going home together.

Boy Med Exam for Adrian.

Adrian was ready for his physical, he was braver than the other guys and he wasn’t afraid of anything. He had seen what had taken place, and would deal with it. He knew what he had to do, and he just got to it and sat down for his physical. They got right to it and took his vital signs, including his blood pressure. Then they felt him up a bit and got his urine sample. Once that was completed they turned him around like the other boys and stuffed a finger up his tight ass. They took his rectal temperature and then used that rectal probe to stretch out his ass and have a look deep inside.

The nurses then got him turned around and it was time t measure his cock soft and then hard, the length and then the girth. Once those nasty nurses got all the measurements they needed they told him they needed a sperm sample as well.

Unlike the other hotties this boy didn’t mind grabbing his meat stick and jerking and stroking it while everyone watched. In fact, it turned him on knowing that everyone was watching as he busted a nut right there in the Dr’s office. He looked each of his fellow classmates in the face, eye to eye and he stroked his meat and grinned. He moaned loudly as he felt his great cum ball beginning to work its way out of his ballsack and into the waiting cup.

Group Boy Medical Exam.

Will, Tyler, and Adrian are all shoved into the Dr’s office in the middle of classes. They are confused no one told them why and they are all very nervous. What the hell was going on?!? When they arrive at the Dr’s office they are told it’s because all of them missed the physical for the start of the school year.

After that bombshell hit them they all had to sit patiently waiting to get their paperwork filled out by the nurses. The blond looked like she was having a bad day and they were all wary of her. They hoped she wouldn’t take it out on them. After the paperwork was finished, they had to stand up and get undressed. They began taking vital signs and as they did each cute guy tried to keep his eyes and his hands to himself. It was really hard considering that they are all so damn cute.

Time for nurses to take their measurements, and listened to boys’ hearts they told them to take off their underwear. Now these hot guys got really quiet and embarrassed. They each had their dicks measured and the notes on those clipboards got longer and longer. Then it was time for a short ass exam and as each boy turned and bent over his humiliation and fear surged. They each had their asses examined mildly and then told to sit back on the couch until their name was called for the in-depth physical.

Boy Med Exams


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